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Cardiovascular Whole Genome Test

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Prevention plan based on your whole genome risk to develop a cardiovascular (heart) disease

  • Personalized targeted prevention plans to avoid heart and cardiovascular diseases

  • Have a tailored and actionable plan based on your unique genomic risks and strenghts

  • Leverage the best genomic analysis to learn not only the risks but also the next steps to avoid developing a disease

  • Whole Genome Sequencing, 100% of your DNA, with raw data available
  • Get additional genomic reports at anytime without having to resend your sample

Heart disease is the leading (non-pandemic) cause of death in the US and EU. This test will provide you with actionable tools and insights to lower your risk of developing heart diseases and even prevent them. (a) Learning about what your Full Genome can tell you about your heart, can be a good first step. (b) Learning more about your genetics can help by raising your awareness of certain heart-related conditions. (c) Build a Personalized Diet and Workout plan based on your DNA: knowing about your Genetic Health Risk is not the end. Taking healthy actions to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar can help lower your risk for heart disease. We help you build a plan that will allow you take your everyday actions and lower your overall chances of developing heart diseases. (d) Our Pharmacogenetics report - specifically designed for cardiology - will tell you about DNA variants that may influence your body's ability to process some cardiology medications.

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